The Sharpest Blade -- a 2D game in jME

Our game: The Sharpest Blade

Hey guys! Thought many of you would be interested in this. We have been working on a 2D puzzle-platformer game in jME, and we are nearing its release. You can visit and subscribe to our blog, Indie By Night to see our progress with the game, and know what’s on the up and up. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like so far:

There is also a playable demo of the game in our latest post on our blog.

Thanks for checking it out!


And for some reason, a lot of things got messed up on that last post, and I can’t edit it too, so I’m going to try this again:

Blog: Indie By Night

And in case the link didn’t work above, it’s . Thanks!

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The Sharpest Blade is now RELEASED! You can download our games through our blog post at

Hope you find it fun!

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