The sliding whale

Hey guys !

After many days of absence on the forum, I’d like to share those two screenshot from my project which I started couple of months ago.

This is an Android (2.3+) platform game using jME3 where the ultimate goal is to save a whale captured by Inuits by helping her to escape the floe and bringing her back to the see.

Her way back to the see is littered with traps (like Inuits themselves, or weird vortexes).

Basically, you can make the whale move by pitching/rolling/yawing your Android phone and the sensor events are translated into a floe inclinaison pitch/roll/yaw… and the whale starts sliding on it.

So far, the game is at the same time close to its end, and so far away from it. I mean, the main implementation is now done but the bugs correction is just starting and there are so much to fix :(.

So here it is…

The floe overview.

And its zoom.

That’s it. I hope you guys enjoy it…

Btw, I’d like to thank people in there who helped me back in time on this forum (special thanks to @larynx who did a lot for me). I couldn’t have made it without them ;).


heh very nice. I know what you mean about its done, but so far from done. Im in a similar position, i’ve done a lot of the implementation of my game, but there’s a lot of little things i’ve still got to add, which i’ve still got to learn first, and so will take a lot of time. Looking good, good job

Looks cool. Love the concept!

s4milli4 said:
(...) That’s it. I hope you guys enjoy it…

Ehm, is there a download link? :P Get a download up (preferably in the Marketplace) and I'll be sure to test it.

Anyhow, way to go! If there's something jME3 needs now it's Android games.

Thx guys.

Ehm, is there a download link? Get a download up (preferably in the Marketplace) and I’ll be sure to test it.
Anyhow, way to go! If there’s something jME3 needs now it’s Android games.

Not yet (it's still way too bugged O_o). And as it is a commercial project it might unfortunately not be free (decision hasn't been taken yet). So the best I could do in this case would be to release kind of a video when the project is over (it still could be a good show up for the engine). But in case the app will be free, don't worry, I'll post the link ;).

I don’t have any experience publishing commercial Android apps, but my 2 cents: Make your first game free. Since it’s your first time, there’s probably a lot you could do a whole lot better, and you’re gonna want to get as much feedback as possible. The prospective testers from the jME community would drop considerably the moment you put a price tag on your game. Also keep in mind you can still make a little bit of money with ads.

Many companies seem to release a “Lite” ad-supported version, and a paid ad-free one. If there’s no extra cost to that, I don’t see the harm in going hybrid.

Make your first game free

The decision is not mine... actually this game is my final internship project so I'm working for a company and I think they're gonna want some payback to the investment they made for this project.