The Tree System

Where can I find the demo-project that contains the file

You may want to look at this instead.

But to answer your specific question, in GIT, it’s in the jme3-examples project. In the SDK, it’s in the “JME tests” (or whatever) template when you create a new project.


I tried the SimArboreal editor and it works. But when I try to save parms or export j3o the screen freezes.

It may have popped up the file save dialog behind the current JME window.

yes that was the problem thanks for the help

I still can’t find in jme-tests or git

Maybe someone got rid of it?

Where do you see reference to it?

In the documentation when you search for The Tree System.

Ah… I see this: “There’s a method in it named setupForester()”

…“Forester” was an add-on library that I guess was never really feature-complete. It was written by another forum member who is no longer around anymore.

Depending on what you wanted to accomplish, you can use SimArboreal like in the IsoSurfaceDemo.

You can see what it looks like in this video:

They are relatively sparse in there but using instancing, LOD, etc. you can have lots of them as in this unpublished demo:

Edit: but if you are really interested in that older unsupported stuff then the forest stuff starts here:

I just want to scatter my trees across my landscape above a certain height. I just don’t know what code to use.

I made a tree in SimArboreal and exported it to a j3o file and used it in jMonkeyEngine. But i get an error message: Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[jME3 Main,5,main]
AssetNotFoundException: MatDefs/TreeLighting.j3md

I used the following code to show the tree in my game:

Spatial tree = assetManager.loadModel("/Models/tree2.j3o");

Does anybody know how I can fix this error and use the tree in my game?

The error message says it can’t find MatDefs/TreeLighting.j3md in your project.

do you know how I can fix this?

Add MatDefs/TreeLighting.j3md to your project?

where can I find the file?

I don’t know exactly, where did you look?

In the library and on the internet

also when I select the tree and click view model in jMonkeyEngine I get an error message