The "What was your first ever post in jME" Thread

Lets see how noob you guys really were when you got here :wink:

June 11, 2011 at 09:32

I wouldn’t try to attempt a game until you have a least a basic understanding of these concepts: All basic programming constructs (variable types, if, else, for/while loops, functions, importing) Reference types, casting Stack and Heap Classes (Inheritance, polymorphism) IO Streaming (Files, images) Abstract data types (Lists, Hash tables) Compiling and linking Im sure theres a lot more i’ve forgotten.

I learnt all this using the book – “Java How to Program 8/e” by Deitel and Deitel. I would recommend it, it goes over a broad range of topics and describes all the code used in detail. But im sure theres other ways to learn. Good luck

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Ofc I was smartassing and talking about Macs :wink:

On MacOSX, the jnilib files often do not get loaded from the given classpath by programs, Netbeans for example has this problem as well. To use jnilibs on OSX, put them globally in /Library/Java/Extensions Also, the standard Snow Leopard Java is 64bit and needs 64bit jnilibs. Maybe try setting the 32-bit java VM as the main one in Java-Settings..


Edit: Btw, Stupid Apple left only Java 1.6 on SnowLeopard, which makes it impossible to compile 1.5 Java programs out of the box, and these are the only ones that run on all Leopard machines (PPC, Intel32bit) … Oh, the Mac-Java woes… I’m sticking to Leopard for now…

Would be nice if the prebuilt libs in jmephysics2 on googlecode were java 1.5 binaries (jbullet etc). Because now I have to compile them myself…

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Is there an easy way to find the first posts?

My first replies or posts might have been back as far as 2006 when I first joined. Not sure if the forum history goes back that far, though.

I found mine, by going on my profile then:

Forums -> Replies created, and clicked the last page. I checked your profile and it seems to only go back Feb 2011 :frowning:
9 years ago… a lot of time. And it was of course “I don’t know your code but it is crap” variety :wink:

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@wezrule said: I found mine, by going on my profile then:

Forums -> Replies created, and clicked the last page. I checked your profile and it seems to only go back Feb 2011 :frowning:

It’s possible that I only lurked back then but I half remember responding to some bloom related thread. That was a long time ago, though.

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Actually, something seems kind of messed up because I can’t even find my first Mythruna post that way. The earliest one I found was:

…which is a response to my own even earlier topic which doesn’t show up on the last page of the topics list.

Ah… that topic somehow has the wrong date now. It shows up as being 2 years and 1 month ago even though I have posts I made after that say 2 years and 2 months ago. Well, the date on the article seems right… just the “time since today” in the listing is wrong for some reason. Odd.

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I only have 3 topics in my profile… :(, i remember doing quite more :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I ended up finding it

:roll: I was noob enough to post images on imageshack…

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@abies said: 9 years ago... a lot of time. And it was of course "I don't know your code but it is crap" variety ;)

Consistency is key :wink:

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February last year…it seems like both a very long time and no time at all at the same time :o

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Over three years old. I was using jme2 at this time. The gui stuff was a big problem because there was no well supported library for that.

Also some things were… weird. What I was trying to do in this post can now be easily done in a fragment shader.

I forgot why I was trying that…

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Funny thing is that I just helped someone with this exact same question a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

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it was something about ogre animation (again) on March 10, 2010 at 19:47
and Normen replied me
Try to use a nightly build:
and then sbook:
I find it more fun to plug and unplug power cables :wink:
We’re doing a hardware upgrade today so the RAM issue should no longer be an issue…