Theres no diffrence between rotationsensetivity 50 and 500000 on chasecam. Help?


I got a chasecam but the rotation speed is WAY to low. On an fps you cant expect to be doing two full side slides with the mouse to turn 180.

So how do I set the sensetivity on that? Because




is just the same.

I looked at the source and it uses Math.min() when calculating rotation. If you enter a really high value, your value is simple ignored, and a default (1) is used.

Try small values like 5,10,15, that’s worked for me.

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Thanks but I’v already tried that.

0.7, 2, 3, pi, 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 50

they are ALL the same! I meen COMEON!

Why create a stupid method that doesn’t do what it’s method name implies?

Honestly remove that method. It just piss people off and waste our time.

Wow…don’t freak out…

I admit that the scale of the value is not very intuitive, but it’s working fine. Try values below 1 to see the difference.

@Nehon: The default is 5f, and you suggested values <1f, so what exactly is the intended interval? Can you please add this info to the javadoc, saying which values make it rotate “faster” or “slower”?

@Addez: Relax, we are on your side. :wink:

Actually 5 should be the higher values, because higher value makes no differences.

I’m gonna change the documentation…

and btw the doc already explain that low value makes the camera slower.

Sorry guys, woke up on wrong side this day -.-

Anyways, I’v tried 0.5 and 1 and there is no difference. I did same distance with the mouse and it rotated just as much in with both values.

I’m using the new nightly build 2011-08-29, maybe that one is bugged?

Ok…i know what’s the issue, smoothMotion has to be enabled in order this to have an effect, maybe you disabled it? did you?

I’m gonna add this to the doc

nehon said:
I'm gonna add this to the doc

Maybe you add the whole class's javadoc to each method, maybe the whole manual?

Isn’t there a set rotation speed? I mean if the camera rotates too slow thats the method I would try first

that’s not only the speed, it tweak the inertia too