They Call Me Schwiggy

:smiley: Hello,

    I’m new to the forums and JMonkey in general as today was my first build. At first there were some weird issues with water but a driver update fixed those and now the only problem is LWJGL (the driver update also fixed shaders in Stalker which is awesome!). But really all I can say is that I’m amazed. I think it’s accurate to boast that JME is the best of free Java game engines.

    The reason I came across JME is my mentor for Senior Projects (every senior at my highschool does an original project or research paper to graduate) suggested to keep looking for libraries after I was going to use Java3D. I hope to gain a better understanding of programming and design for games as I make an RPG prototype over the next 5 months.

    So anyway, I’m 17, I’ve been making decent 2D games with Game Maker for about 4 years and before then I made some sub-par shooters with 3D Game Studio, the Acknex engine by Conitec. Since it’s about Halloween I’ll treat you with an old platformer for Windows  :stuck_out_tongue: Haunton Village. It only took 10 days to make it heh… Anyway, I look forward to developing games with JME, and being a part of this community!


PS.Schwiggy is a nickname that I got from swim team. There is no meaning lol

Welcome Sir Schwiggy! (see how that nick's awesomeness just doubled? j/k)

Was your mentor already aware for JME's existence? If not, I hope you'll blow his socks off with your RPG prototype and he'll be recommending JME as his engine of choice from now on :smiley:

Keep us posted on your progress man. I think you'll find this community can be very constructive for smaller development groups in need of impartial input.

Yeah he will be pleasantly surprised.

I looked at your website (the 'game design student' thing got my attention), and you will be interested to know the project is an RPG based in Africa. And I'm trying to setup any proceeds from it to go to a Schoorphanage like the one you helped at in Ghana! (only this is Uganda, in east Africa)