Thinking of doing coding live stream of Mythruna dev

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly (when I can make it) live stream of working on Mythruna and related libraries. Most of my tasks are coding tasks for the foreseeable future so that’s where my time will be spent.

It will be whatever I randomly happen to be working on at the time that might fit with a live stream distraction.

I only have very few times that I could even consider doing it and so I thought I would gauge interest with a poll.

  • 9 PM Friday EDT (GMT-4)
  • 4 PM Sunday EDT (GMT-4)
  • None of those times work.
  • Not interested at all.

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There is also one on twitter if you prefer to vote there:


Please share your twitch profile (assuming that’s what you plan to use) so I can follow and get the notification when you go live.

It will be on youtube. I don’t have a twitch account.

My youtube channel is:


Seems like Friday was the favorite day in all of the polls. I will plan on doing a coding live stream tonight barring any major life events popping up. I’m not sure what I will be coding yet but it will probably be “hooking up the event bus to scripting”.

I’ll post a link later or watch for it on my youtube channel.

Live stream is scheduled for tonight. If you are interested in watching the messed up way that I develop software, join us in a little over three hours from this message here: Mythruna Creation - Coding - YouTube

I think I will be hooking up the event bus to the scripting engine.

Live stream was productive. Turns out I can (mostly) code and talk at the same time.

Next Friday, I think I may work on a new Lemur style for Mythruna. I won’t be doing the final UI yet but at least I can ween Mythruna off of the default glass hi-tech style and to something more wood-and-paper like it’s supposed to be.

So tune in next Friday at 9PM US East coast (GMT-4) if you are interested in watching me restyle a Lemur UI.

Edit: note, the live stream was recorded and is still up if anyone wants to watch it. I’m still new to the whole thing so if you have tips for how to improve it and they are within my power to do then I’ll try.