ThirdPersonCamera user example

I started fiddling around with JME3 recently, and finally created a working third person camera with mouselook. I know that’s a Rather Common topic of inquiry :wink: and though there is already a lot of good information available I figured it couldn’t hurt to add my own example. So I cleaned up the code a bit, made it easily transferable, added some comments and made a page on the wiki about it.

As mentioned, this is the first thing I’ve made in JME3 that isn’t just copied-and-pasted tutorials, so I might still be doing lots of things in a dumb way. =P I encourage you to point out any such things (and also to let me know if I have used the wiki incorrectly) – but nevertheless, I hope someone may find the example useful. :slight_smile:

Video, made with the astonishingly convenient VideoRecorderAppState (is there any way to embed this in a smaller size? :P)

[video]Third Person Camera Test (jMonkeyEngine 3) - YouTube


Hey, this looks pretty awesome! Did anyone else try this yet?

Big kudos on making a wiki page to go along with it (and figuring out how to make a new wiki page :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not that obvious)

Thanks! I’m not sure how much of the out-of-the-box ChaseCam functionality I reinvented by accident though. :wink: Still need to implement the remaining basic camera features like collision or raycasting for walls, etc – but even then, I will leave the basic example intact for posterity. =P Not sure if anyone has tried it yet, but the video has 43 views so I think we can expect to see 43 new games utilizing my exciting technology. 8)

Regarding the wiki pages, I agree! I had to read the wiki AND the forum to find out how to edit the wiki. :slight_smile:

Hey Berzee i’m also working of a Third Person Camera System. You can look at my thread here : Here.

It seems that the link with the source is still available : Here

It’s been a long time since i don’t worked on it but if you want any information tell me i’ll try to answer you.