I am having a bit of trouble with ThirdPersonHandler. I am struggling to work out what functionality I have and what effect it will cause.

I have looked at the TestThirdPersonController class but this just has one example and no details of what does what.

I have also looked at the ThirdPersonHandler class which has some details about what variables have what effect but I cannot see a lot of the detail, like how to make the rotation less sensitive (especially the vertical one which has me looking at the ground too often), or how to stop the camera 'dragging' behind the player (I want it to be fixed with relation to the player and only move from mouse movements not force me to look at the ground if I am going down a hill).

I checked out the Wiki, it doesn't exist.

And the API is as helpful to me as a shotgun is to a rabbit.  :(

I cannot seem to find a complete documentation for it describing all the functions that ThirdPersonHandler has. Does anyone know where one exists or could someone tell me `what does what? lol  :( I've been playing with code for 12 hours now and I am close to breaking point lol (it's sleep time though so tomorrow I'll be fresh and back at it).

What I really want is a tutorial describing each of the features and then going on to demonstrate them in worked examples  XD that would be nice.

But my sights are much lower and I'll settle for less!



Have a look at jmetest.input.RenControlEditor. There you can tweak your setting and you can copy & past the code to add this behavior to your application.

In all honesty the thirdperson stuff never really did what I wanted so I gave up and and jerry rigged and copy of the Strategy Handler external lib into a thirdperson handler that works well for me.

Yeah after my extensive fiddling with it and frustrated endeavors to get what I want I'm close to writing my own movement handler, just thought I would totally exhaust the options here before undertaking it.

ThirdPersonHandler has a few quirks that just don't work for me. It was written for a different type of camera control than I want I think. In the API it mentions that it gives camera movement like that of Mario64 (loved that game) where the camera dragged behind Mario if you didn't control it yourself. This unfortunately I don't want, among other things, I want the camera to push my character around, not have the character drag the camera! Also the strafe works in an arc where the centre of rotation seems to be the camera, this is not good for what I want but it seems that it can't be changed without modding or extending the ThirdPersonHandler, with all the gripes I have with it I may as well write my own from scratch. Can't be that difficult.

Thanks for  the input