This next week

All, I’m going to Ft. Hood for week next week. However, the motel room has high speed. I also set up the work laptop to be able to develop jME. So, I hope to get some work done next week. My plans are: Bug fixes for Milkshape ASCII as mentioned by tone, as well as look into improving the Clone and CloneNode classes (not sure what tactic to take, but I’m going to look into it and start thinking abou it). I have done some tests with simple shadows (planar) and will be implementing that into the base line. When I get back next week, I am going to focus on Terrain. Renanse has taken over ClodMesh as I about had a mental breakdown over it. Packages are now much cleaner, and we may have a new home soon. I’m asking the Sun folks to wipe the current jME project page and redo it, the CVS repo was getting cluttered with many empty directories. So, I’ll be around next week, just not until the evening there (Central Time). So, with luck Renanse and I will get ClodMesh and Terrain finished within a couple weeks and we will be able to release 0.6.

Keep up the good work all. Erik and DarkProphet, check in with me sometime so we can discuss (Shaders - Erik) and (Transients - DarkProphet). Like to know if we can advertise that as 0.6 features.

this week, i think youd be pleasently surprised! :D, I would say, yes, include them as part of the 0.6 release (Transients that is).