Three Rubs now on android market

Its here my first jMonkeyEngine Android app

Three rubs no more no less

According to legend cats like to be rubbed 3 times. No more no less. Try to remember which cats have been rubbed and which have not.

google play threerubs

It cost 1 dollar and would make me very happy if you purchased it.

Please also give feedback good or bad so that I can improve it an any way.

Most people who test it have a hard time getting pass level 3. It is a lot of memorization

jMonkeyEngine for the app code.

I used Blender to make the models

GIMP for the graphics

The Models and Menu Screens are Textures on a Cube.

The “Meow” sound is my 4 year old daughter saying Meow

If enough interest I will share code and blend files

If a lot of interest I will make a tutorial

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out and leaving comments. It means a lot to me


here was the original thread game-pitch-three-rubs/

@gbluntzer said:
The "Meow" sound is my 4 year old daughter saying Meow

Haha! Work in family is always good. Nice job!

Hey sweet! I’m glad you completed it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have no android device to try it out, maybe I will get one next year.