Thumbs.db is evil!

Thumbs.db is a plot form mic0-s0ft to fill my hdd space and its already in the cvs of jme :cry:

Here I will explain how it works

Trust me, I've tried to tell them… :wink:

but I think they're in the conspiracy!

BWAHAHAHA!  Microsoft has you between its thumbs now!!!  :roll:

Okay, so that was just stupid…but it still had to be said.

I like the TestCloth, TestAnisotropic and oh yes I can't forget HelloModelLoading(maggie) apps. Umm… whats some nice tools that I can use to work with jme I guess for modeling I'll use Blender and for mapping MonkeyWorld3D are there any other stuff I'll need? I think I'll have to get the jme-physics too but whats that all about…

ps you guys reply crap fast…

ScarFreewill said:

...guys reply crap fast...

Is he talking about my responses?  That's not very nice.  :P

There's definitely a number of people here using Blender. But also Maya, 3DMax, Wings3D and many more. If your game will use the type of maps that monkeyworld creates you should indeed look at that…

any thumbs.db in cvs should definitely be removed! :slight_smile:

MrCoder said:

any thumbs.db in cvs should definitely be removed! :)

you can't do that! the only reason why darkfrog wanted to become a developer was to silently check in thumbs.db files an now you ruined the surprise!  }:-@
MrCoder said:

any thumbs.db in cvs should definitely be removed! :)

I've tried before.. they keep coming back :P

I've found the culprit:

Thumbs.db        1.3 4 months nca

I wonder who that could be?  :P

does it have a version history? :slight_smile:

Yes, it's up to 1.4 with another file.

So you can see why I stopped removing them… I even sent them a link one time (I think it was this one: ). Maybe now they will bow to PEER PRESSURE.  :evil:

Then again, the last checkin was a while back… maybe they stopped doing it :slight_smile: We'll see, since I just removed 2 of them.

Myself, for Windows I have an installation CD customized with nLite so that the whole thing is disabled during installation. Yes, the hate it that big…


Perhaps just adding them to CVS ignore might help? :wink:

the problem is that cvsignore is a per-directory setting. so if nca really wants to contribute tumbs.db back to the community, there's nothing which can stop him/them except creating a cvsignore for each directory :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, look a few posts back and you might find a link describing you how to do it :wink:

me, a win user? read???


that's exactly what llama desperately tries to convice "the thumbs people" to do :slight_smile:

edit: darn! those llamas are fast posters :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: i can't belive it! i can't post because each time i get that notice that someone else posted!