TicTacToe – Revolution! (Android release)

Hi jmonkeys,

I want to show my first game with jmonkey: TicTacToe - Revolution!

It is a classic match 3 game but with some special features:

  • Different board sizes available. From the classic 3×3 board up to 8×8.
  • Selectable number of checkers to put together from 3 up to 8.
  • Two players game with the option to select between playing against a computer or a human
  • Two languages available: spanish and english
  • The board can be rotated 90º by clicking outside it. If you click again while rotating the board will stop at that point.

Some pictures:


If you want to tyr it:

Todo list:

  • Add a new option in the main menu for the game info screen: developed by galvezgames, powered by jmonkey, etc, etc…
  • Change the music (right now, after a while playing maybe your ears will start to bleed…)
  • Android deployment. I will like to add Admob support and release it on google.play

Any suggestion, ideas, etc. are welcome.


Turn on shadows and I think you will find it makes a big difference to how good those screenshots look…

@zarch said:
Turn on shadows and I think you will find it makes a big difference to how good those screenshots look...

Thanks zarch, I've followed your advice and this is the result:


Better now!!!

Hey, I loved it! Specially because I can choose the board and the line size. I need to say 2 things:

  • You could slow down a bit when 2 cpu’s are playing, so a player can follow up.
  • There is a bug when you put 2 CPUs playing.
  1. Choose 2 cpus to play at any board and line size
  2. Start the game
  3. Wait for the result
  4. When the game ends (draw or a win), press continue.
  5. Game halts.

    Good job, those eyes on the back freaked me out!!

Yes, it’s amazing how the shadows make it feel like they are on the board instead of levitating somewhere above it.

The only criticism I have so far is that the Os seem to be ‘stretched’ or ‘wrinkled’.


Thanks for the bug report. I’ve fixed it. I’ve also slowed down a bit the cpu vs cpu mode.


The shadows are amazing and more now that are in the correct side. In the picture the shadows are rotated 180º…


Yeah, I know it. My blender skills are not very good and I’ve to check those models again.

Hi jmonkeys!!

After some time being very busy, I finally can resume my first jmonkey project: TicTacToe - Revolution!

I’ve made some updates:

  • Improved models for the O’s and X’s.
  • Music changed.
  • Android deployment and ads from admob integrated.

If you want to test it on your mobile phone (required android 4.0 or more):


If you found some kind of bug, please inform me.

Some pictures from the new version:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us<br/>

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us<br/>