Tile Maps

Hi all,

I am making a 2D game in Java2D, and I was hoping to implement it in jME. It loads XML data and makes tiles.

It has multiple layers, e.g. you added a whole bunch of grass, and another layer would add a few rocks here and there.

The XML has also a feature to set bouding volumes to things. e.g. Rocks.

It is based around 2D games, so it wont be much use in 3D (unless its for grass or something).

I am also in the process of making an editor to create those XML files by dragging and dropping.

Anyways, heres a screeny of the current Java2D implementation:

Cool, but how is this a "feature"? (sorry if I sound like the bbs police, just trying to understand.) Are you intending to add 2d to jME? 2d games are cool, but imho, specific 2d functionality does not fall under what jME is written for.

yup, agreed. Me and mojo had a talk over, and im going to be writing a utility for jME that you drag and drop stuff in and it would create a node. so you can import it into jME.

It wouldnt’ be part of the API itself, but if people would choose to make a 2D game in jME, they have that option available. :smiley:

Nice, we need more such utils for jME, I personally think it would be great if you put some energy into writing those.

maybe this could be extended into a terrain / terain-texture editor of some sort ?

well, it is going to create a node. If you want to renderToTexture of that node and add it to terrain, thats even better.

But it wouldn’t be approperiate for it to be part of the API itself, because jME is 3D and this is 2D. Also, how you make your texture is unimportant to jME.

It will be rather kewl. We’l see