Tiled maps forsimulator game (ships, rivers)


I want to create a shipsimulator , that means that it gave a big scenery based on real world-maps.

What do you advise as tile size in (miles or km) to divide the real map in?

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What is the resolution of your terrain data?

How will you render the terrain data?

If you can answer those questions then the details about how to chop the map are relatively straight forward.

resolution 1024x1024
render just with jmonkey i suppose

He means in 2D, 3D? tiles (quads)? heightmap? isosurface, etc… ?

Also, by resolution I mean how many points of data do you have per kilometer?

Is it thousand meter data? 3 arc-second data? 1 meter data?

And JME won’t render this automatically for you. You will have to somehow turn it into a mesh. I was wondering what technique you planned to use for that.

the basic map is on scale of 1 km and has total surface of 200km by 300km
i will make it from heightmap to go to 3d landscape.

View distance is determined by the capability of the PC. Unless you’re very well versed in game development you will not be able to show it all at the same time.

Paging the terrain is a common practice. Displaying x tiles in each cardinal direction - and as you move the tiles in the opposite direction are removed and the new ones added.

The best way is to play around and determine what works for you.


So you only have a point of elevation every 1 km? Or?

I feel like you aren’t answering the question I’m asking. Either that or your terrain data is not suited for a ship simulator.

If you imagined a surveyor measuring out your data, how far did he get to walk before measuring another elevation point.

Or… where did your data come from to begin with?

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@pspeed indeed srry when i don’t respond exactly to your question, cause i did not understand it well.
So i take a screenshot of openstreetmap (scale 1km) for example the screenshot covers 60km by 60km. after that i convert the picture with gimp or paint.net to a heightmap (grayscale). I just wanted to know how big i can take tiles of screenshot picture, to have a realistic game. I’m thinking to work for canals, big rivers with tiles (tile =5kmX5km) and small rivers (tile =1kmX1km)
Hoply this is also a more clear view of mine question to you.

Thx for helping,

So no elevation data at all.

This will be a 3D game?

the elevation sits in the heightmap and is indicated with the grayscale (white is high, black is very low)

Where do you get elevation from openstreetmap? I’ve only seen 2D features.

you can combine it with other maps like topomaps so there you’ve your elevation data