Tiles in jme


My plan is to write a simple, small rpg with world that has height. Best scenario would be to use a 2d engine who can create some kind of illusion of height with scaling/moving images, but there’s no engine like that that I’m aware of.

Does jME have any Tile support that would make it easier to write such game? As camera will always be constant distance from the ground looking at it from top, all I need is for tiles to have height value and to be at some angle so they can connect higher and lower tiles. They would still be flat and all… Has anybody tried this?

simple example:

Should be really easy to do with Quads, right?

yeah, I guess… so there isn't any already made implementation of it… ok, that was my main question.

it should be really easy to write if you simply passed a boolean[][] to interpret the 2D location of walls and then have them connect Quads to walls it touches.