Tinting mesh with various tint colors?

So, basically, I have a mesh. It has vertex, normal, index, texture, and color data. The color data is not all one color.

How would I go about tinting the textures that are drawn with the color data? I’m assuming the color data would be what the tutorials refer to as “vertex colors”.

I’ve already gone through the material tutorial more than once and found nothing of real use. Am I just missing something?

This might help:

…look for something like “UseVertexColor”

Already tried that - for unknown reasons, it didn’t work. I’m basically using a 3d texture-coordinate version of the regular 2d unshaded material texture coordinate data - everything besides that is the same. Do I need to change the color vertex data for that?

I have no idea what’s wrong then. If setting vertex colors on for the material didn’t work then your mesh must not have color attributes on the vertexes.

Try some things. Play around. Try doing regular unshaded material with no ColorMap and only a Color White… with VertexColor set to true. See if that works.

It turns out that I was just assigning the ColorRGBA wrongly. It’s all good now!