Tiny Blocks - objects from chairs to guns


Set which blocks go into a 3D cube which stores smaller blocks like a Rubiks cube.

This could be done on a table in the game.

Given blocks for gunpowder and metal you make a U shape object.

The editor would allow you to ‘weld’ the metal blocks together.

This is so the physics engine keeps them together when the gunpowder at the bottom blows the loose piece of metal out of the top.

When this is set loose online the number of devices will exponentially expand.

Block could be 1cm x 1cm or 1in by 1in for example.

Blocks for And, Or, Not, Nand, copy, move signal down a wire allow universal computation and should be in both the large and smaller blocks.

How about this create a block block.

It is the size of a block and holds a grid of smaller blocks.

When any block is allowed to recurse within itself small block structures awesome resolution in devices comes about. This allows adding a trigger in a gun when there is no room otherwise- it allows sub structures within the space of a block.


please go to numenta.com

It is where the icon is from and I bet you have never seen an algorithm so great.

I need a friend to work on it with. Everyone I show it to goes insane so far.


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@teddybot cool icon !!! me likeee that kinda stuff, trees/lists/links/axes-ability :slight_smile:

teddybot said:
please go to numenta.com
It is where the icon is from and I bet you have never seen an algorithm so great.
I need a friend to work on it with. Everyone I show it to goes insane so far.

That's 'cos the algorithm is insane :P
I'll stick to PSOs thanks ;)
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I’m glad the craft genre is underway.

The idea to have smaller blocks and custom items that use physics is common.

You are aware that the feature you’re demanding is already in mythruna? You can make blocks out of blocks. Still, an algorithm this extended will probably take too much resources for a computer game. The reason the AI in many games is so stupid is not because the programmers are idiots but because you only have so much resources to display graphics, compute changes in the environment etc etc.

Maybe you are misunderstanding some of the details.

Yesterday the author said the idea is interesting.

Blocks within blocks- that is smaller blocks in blocks the same size and having smaller blocks be pushed around on the table is a minimal feat in comparison to the 3D going on already.

AI programmers are ‘not smart’ in how we went about the problem.

The algorithm from Numenta shows why and it is verbally explained in his book.

Your brain takes 100 steps using 2 mph signals to recognize any image.

Biological Neural Networks


The algorithm above is where it is at. It take big balls and a big brain to handle it.

‘Stupid’ in AI refers to using a finite prototype model to handle infinite variable input.

The algorithms at Numenta (hierarchy in space and time) will be used in games as standard and it is the only way to solve many AI problems.

Thanks for thinking of making a pea shooter out of smaller blocks that use physics on a table made out of blocks.

–Thread finished.

Lol, you are a funny guy ^^ Hope you implement some game with blow-away AI some day xD

Recursing more than a few levels deep in the sub-blocks adds an explosive growth to the polys needed to represent a single object. As placeable objects, they’d be expensive and tough to manage. And I can’t really treat them like regular world blocks since that needs to be from a fixed set.

So right now the placeables only go one level deep recursion and scale down 1/4.

However, the “magic electronics” will allow you to make guns and stuff and will be similar to the emergent systems you describe… though a little more constrained in user interaction.

Somewhere, placeables, physics, and the magic system meet in the middle to form machines… but until those systems are better defined, I don’t know exactly what this middle looks like.