Tiny problem with ChaseCam

So I really like the chase cam you have implemented. With setSmoothMotion and setting sensitivity I can do everything I need to bar 1 thing (namely #3 below)

  1. I hold the mouse button down to get the cam to rotate.
  2. I can rotate around and the camera comes to rest slowly as long as I keep the mouse button down
  3. When I let go of the mouse button the camera snaps to the immediate position you have it in rather than coming to rest in the same ‘damped’ fashion as everything else when you have smooth motion set. I would really like it to come to rest slowly.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to solve #3 above. The way I see it I need to put some kind of delay timer on the onAction code so that stopping rotation is delayed in some way after mouse button Up? or is there a better way?

    Opinions appreciated

  • Physinoob

Forgot to say, it only snaps to the current direction when you are on the move. Would be nice if it just came to rest even when moving and rotating at the same time.

Just realised my stupidity. My problem is nothing to do with chasecam, I just need to work out how to get character movement to turn and follow the chase cam in a damped fashion.