Tips for generating UI graphics in PhotoShop

I wanted to start this thread mostly due to playing around with so much lately… and while doing so, I picked up a few tips that make a WORLD of difference in quality of edge detail when doing this.

Sooooo… to start, here be the one that has made the most difference:

Instead of using Drop Shadow & Inner Shadow,
Try using Inner Glow and Outer Glow set to Blend mode: Normal

It makes an insane amount of difference in the detail of your graphics edges.

Here is the link where I found this:

GUIs in PhotoShop

Lots of other useful stuff in it, but that one tip made the most difference (for me, anyhow).


Yea, a friend of mine does it like this too… Still I know I suck at visuals, even if I know such little tricks my color combinations and general style-consistency always ends up somewhere between Teletubbies and an 80’s hair band LP cover ^^

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