Tips to beat the Demon King

Here are a few tips to beat the demon king:

  1. Buy stamina boots!!! (its important because it will help you run faster from the demon king if he is about to explode).

  2. Buy lv 5 armor in big quantities because you will die ALOT.

  3. The explosion is about 50 blocks wide.

  4. If he just exploded press Y to get his attention so he will suck you in and then you go in for a swing.

  5. Have a few lv 5 demon smiters

  6. And talk to the Humoids and Neanders leaders they’ll give you some useful stuff!!!

    Also don’t forget once you hit the demon king he will teleport away about 150 blocks away and if your using a lv 5 demon smiter its will take 6 hits to beat him!!!

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: However, gonna make a few mentions:

  1. Almost any item can have movement speed boosts. “Stamina boots” are just boots that have a good stamina boost.

  2. You can also buy level 6 armor, level 7, or even level 50 :slight_smile: Depends on how far in the game you take on the Demon King!

  3. The explosion, if I recall correctly, is 64 blocks wide – good estimate though, this really helps to know!

  4. This is a cool idea, since he will come at you while sucking you in – although he could also attack you, so this is kinda risky!

  5. Same goes for the level – you just need a proper level Demon Smiter for how far you are in the game.

  6. Yes! Very important! If you lose important things, the leaders will help you out :slight_smile: