Tips to improve your camera (2D/3D)


Good game require good 3C : Camera, Control, Caracter.

The following talks can help you to improve your Camera(a subject I like)
Both are available on GDC Vault, follow links, and on Youtube.

50 Game Camera Mistakes

How Cameras in Side-Scrollers Work

What are your tips, code ?


I was just updating my camera setup yesterday, and Nesky raises some points I haven’t even considered. Now I get to make it even better, thanks :smiley:

Interesting I just noticed I picked the hardest type for my learning projects :smile:

Also found in my starting the chasecamera is not fit enough because my character inside a relatively tiny cave so camera came out of the cave, so I need the camera to detect walls to zoom in and out, depends on this I found a class called physicalchasecamera not sure where but I think it is here

it works fine, and apply some concepts from this video with some glitches till now I think it is from my side, but I will test it against what presented in that video

I think I need to stop being lazy a bit and start making video to the game play and camera movement resulted from using PhysicalChaseCamera

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eg of my wrong camera (one year ago but, no work on it since)

Here an output if mine using the previously mentioned PhysicalChaseCamera, I am still in early development stage,

What I am interested that the physical chase camera successfully detect the wall and zoom in enough and return back to the default zoom after collision wall done.

keeping the avatar in the center

the code found here it is very interesting and enhanced version for chase camera that handle auto-magically the walls and collision

I think the issues I spotted here from my immature eye in gaming,

1 - the blocking happen when the door closed which is minor and I think it is hard I think
2 - the player sometimes came out of camera scope or not in the center of camera.

What do u think ?


I don’t want to keep the “avatar” in the center of the camera. I pefer to see what is coming / happens. And, IMHO, it help to see the movements, drift,… (it’s more like in some sample in the video about plaftformer).
But I should try to always keep a part of the avatar in the camera scope.

Thanks for comments

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