TMXLoader v0.2 released

Maybe you can show me the log, which it output in the console. I can’t help you without information.

The most possible reason is something wrong with your assets(*.tmx file and tileset images) path.

There’s nothing useful in the log at all, apart from what I put in and something about the audio device not being supported

So after a little experimentation, I’ve done the following:

  1. Created a “player” sprite - This is to test to make sure that the game is rendering as it should.

  2. Went through each step, testing each one.

  3. When I got to:

    baseApplication.getStateManager().attach(new TiledMapAppState());

It started to stop rendering the sprite (though making sure that the sprite was appearing to be rendered ahead of the map.

I’m hoping this wont make a difference but I’m doing this in an AbstractScreen class?

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