To continue Friday Querterneron™ Questions Digest

Okay, I have object’s location (Vector3f, in world coordinates) and rotation (Quaternion, they’re all relative, I know, I know). I now want location (Vector3f in world coordinates) of a point that is 10.0f behind the object (i.e. on the same line that the object is facing). I remember LookAt is one perfect thing to produce Quaternions (and I use it all the time), but now I want to get back to world coordinates from some random rotation I already have.

worldLocation + ((worldRotation x (vector_Z x -1)) x 10)

Cheers normen. This was something I started wondering of… I was again stuck within a context, not operating with spatials and operating only with quaternions leaving translations/rotations to the model state (and it does only local ones). And so I would never solve it within the context. So much wasted time today struggling lol. Thanks!