since i'm back at work and back on the coding track i would like to get my name into the issue tracker :slight_smile:

please list what you want me to do, or if there's any point in the tracker you would like to reassign to me…

here are some other things i could do when doing a quick think:

  • flat shader water
  • projected grid shader water
  • enhanced shader handling and performance (glslshaderobjectstate/lwjglshaderobjectstate)
  • improved dds loader
  • cubemaps (would need reworked texture hierarchy etc)
  • automatic impostors
  • vegetation challenge winner inclusion

anyone got anything against this hierarchy?

As long as it works and make efficient reuse of code. :slight_smile:

it will be optimal, as allways :wink: s

I vote for water. :slight_smile:

…don't forget the flattened ducky either though. :-p


All of those? The order is pretty good too :slight_smile:

As for cubemaps, I'm working on support for rectangle textures… I was planning to just put that in the Texture class (since they're so very similiar to normal textures), but if you're going to do cubemaps maybe I should just make a texture hierachy right away? Could also be usefull for volume textures that are some times requested…

Did you have any ideas on how you wanted to do that yet? (escp. did you plan to keep all LWJGL specific code in LWJGLTextureState or did you plan to split this up too somehow?)

You probably have the most shader usage experience, so improving that will be great (i.e. the low level speed improvements). And of course, wizz bang visual effects are always a huge bonus. In other words, list looks good to me.


cool, I'll go with my list as strictly as i can :wink:


yeah, getting in a new texture hierarchy would be great. something along the lines of the Xith implementation.


"wizz bang" effects are what we play games for so I agree with mojo whole-heartedly. :wink:


How about something like: