Too bad! JGO Comp 2009 almost over

Just saw that the "JGO Comp 2009" is running right now…,62.0.html

A bit too late to do anything there…

Ok…even there was no time I tried to do something. I invested 10h and a lack

of sleep! Have a look here(Applet). (need Java6)

Don’t expect too much gameplay. It is all about reaction and getting as much points as possible. During the game you are asked to hit left or right control. The faster you hit the key the more points you will get. You need a minimum of 1100 points in order to make it into the pool! Otherwise poor Rocky will crash :smiley:

1805 to beat :smiley:


It works under Vista but I was a bit worried because the applet stayed black during some seconds. Nice job! I'm going to test it at home under Linux.

Pretty cool, first i always waited too long (until the time to press was nearly up)  :slight_smile:

Its fun to see the ragdoll crash, when you fail.

To be honest, it is not a ragdoll! It is all animated! :smiley: A ragdoll would be a nice idea…

Anyone ever connected a boned model with a ragdoll? In the end it is just using DynamicNodes

connected with PhyicsJoints. Don't know where the behaviour is different to Bones. Would be a nice (impossible?)

feature for blaine's HottBJ-Exporter. (Radiobox: jME Bones or jME-Phsyics Joints) :smiley:

BTW: For some reason the applet is quite unstable and let the browser crash quite often…Have to check this.

Nevertheless I added an online highscore :D  so feel free to compete! :smiley: