Too many frames

hey all

im new to jME and now i have the problem that it lags at 1000 fps. i dont quite know the reason but it would be good if there is something to set the fps.

hope you can help me


You could take a look at FixedFrameRateGame: or

Never used it though. Maybe just give it a try…

i used FixedLogicrateGame now.

so i can set how many times/second it updates the gameLogic.

works fine but i really dont know why it still lags?!

anyone got an idea?

You don't interpolate, proably so mosst frames shows the exact same as the frame before. Either implement a itnterpolation, or higher the tickamout to values around so, that it does not matter really if the frame iss the same. Depending on game I would say 33(Strategie) to up to 100(Ut like)