Tool request/suggestion

i just wanted to put this somewhere down, and i hope it doesn't disturb anyone:

it would be nice to have an eclipse plugin which would allow one to visualize node structures (+ their attributes) in the debug perspective.

i mean a graphical view in which you would see the node, it's render states, attributes and its children (for which ofcourse you would see the same things).

does anyone else think such a plugin would be useful?

You mean like adding a breakpoint, and then getting a view of the current scenegraph? That'd be pretty neat :slight_smile:

… and one for NetBeans too please 

llama: yeah, that's exactly what i mean. but while there's no "current" node you would have to choose the node you want to view in the variables view. i hate unfolding all those node elements each time and trying to find things in there or simply look if the right children are attached.

btw: mojo, if you look in here and if you're allowed to tell, :P  what ide are you using at work?

I made a tool like that a wile back. It was mothballed when I did not have the time to work with it. I can try to bring it up to date but I will take some time.

there's no rush badmi. take your time and scare all those moths away :wink:

There already is a tool capable of this. A graphical debugger for eclipse called eDOBS. The current release still is quite buggy but there will be a new release soon. But you can already try basic things with the current one (hiding all those Vector3f’s is a bit tedious though, which is already better in the cvs version).

Screenshot with jME Physics 2 scenegraph


We use Eclipse and Java 1.5 here.

renanse said:

We use Eclipse and Java 1.5 here.

that's fine :) - but why do you post it in this thread :?

Because Sfera asked in this thread, I'd think :slight_smile:

whoops ://

lol. developers are all crazy and confused i tell you. with no exception :slight_smile:

thanks renanse :slight_smile:


includes UML visulization, Complexity Profile Graphing, Debugger, Workbench, Data Viewers and quite a bit more. And, on the plus side IMO, it's FAR easier to set up than Eclipse or Netbeans…

i dont need uml or complexity graph analyzing. i just need a scene_graph viewer :slight_smile: no more, no less

ahhh… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a version working with the code from the CVS but my computer crashed and I lost it :(. It may be some time before I can get it working again.