Total n00b app #4 - TrackingController for a Milkshape Model

I’ve loaded my my model onto my terrain and he’s waiting to wander all over the place with me following him. How would I do this?

I noticed a class called NodeHandler. I assume I set this up with my cameraNode. How would I then link this to my man I want to control?

Do I need to create a camera with my MS model like you can with ASE or is it really easy?

i think this is a card problem. PBuffers are HW dependant. It seems to me that your graphics card doesn’t support PBuffer.

yeah, as it says at the end of that log file:

SEVERE: No Pbuffer support detected, exiting!

What does PBuffer do?

I saw something which said it stores scene data. So do I need this to create a TrackingController or could I use something else?

Sorry I’m not very good with OpenGL. :?

i dont think there is such a thing as TrackingController anymore. I think thats just cameraNode now.

And no, you dont need it for cameraNode. Its for rendering to a texture.

So how in rough terms do I get my cameraNode to follow my figure/MilkShape man? I can’t see anything in cameraNode to do this.

Do I attach the Milkshape model to the cameraNode or vice versa?

Sorry if I seem to be making a meal of this its probably much easier than I am percieving at the moment, I just can’t tell from the Javadocs exactly what to do, for example how to specify the distance between the model & camera after I have attached them to each other (assuming you do this).


You will use a NodeController… set your model as the controllable object. Attach a camera node to the model, and offset the camera behind it.

This will not provide the acceleration/deceleration it will track directly, i.e. always stay behind the model. But controllers are designed to be built for the application. So you should consider doing so.