Total noob, some directions please

Hi, I am working on an programming student project, which pretends to be a basketball game. I am trying to make it 3D using JME, which seems to be a really great tool.

I am a programmer but I never worked with 3D graphics and animations, so this is a whole new and confusing world to me  :?. I installed Blender 3D and learnt the very basics. Then I've downloaded a free 3D model of a swimmer man, which has "bones" on it. I pretend to convert this swimmer into my basketball player, making a little animation (I pretend to make this poor man run and bounce the basketball).

Which is the best way to get JME to import this kind of animation??, Which format should I use to export this from Blender and get it working using JME??? Any kind of help will be really appreciated. Thanks!


If you're really completely new to 3D game programming then I think you might be barking up the wrong tree.

If I was you I'd worry about the other million billion things that a game needs to be playable before models and animations.

I'd just use boxes to represent the players and once you got all the movement, controls, collision etc working I'd work on getting proper models loaded.

Of course this is just me and frankly this whole 3D game programming thing is still alien to me  :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Chris

You are probably right, but this is a really simple basketball game, it is more like a "battle chess", players move their basket-players in turns. The only animation I need is this running player to make some transition (because without that minimum movement it will finally become a chess game).

I started this last weekend and already made some progress I think. I managed to set-up my terrain (the basketball court), the hoops are in place over it. Right at this stage of the project we are evaluating if we can make this work in 3D.  If we can't make this happen we will make it a boring 2D applet  :frowning: So, if anyone can bring a little help I would be really grateful.

Many thanks in advance,