Totally offtopic

it's simply wonderful :slight_smile:

Shh, better keep that on the down low or he will block our forums too…  }:-@

Arrgiiiahh!!  :cry:

Why would you even joke about such a thing?!  :expressionless:

  • Chris


Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL or content categorization: "MP3 and Audio Download Services;Entertainment".

For assistance, contact the Service Desk on x3033.


Not that I have any clue what it is  :lol:

- Chris

uh-oh! don't know what that is. it works here. it's just a flash thingy.



That screen is because I'm at work and any good sites are blocked by the evil admin, well apart from jME forums of course!  :smiley:

  • Chris