TouchInput on desktop


How can I use JME3 with touch input on desktop? I have a touchtable where I want to be able to run JME3 applications with touch and gesture recognizing capabilities. Should I somehow implement the [java]TouchInput[/java] interface and create something like [java]AndroidInput[/java] for destktop? Or should I use the [java]touchInput [/java]object provided by [java]SimpleApplication[/java]? Please advice which way to go is appropriate! I would like to start the project ASAP.

I have been asking this question in the Android forum branch but looks like it did not get much attention thereā€¦ I hope it is not the question that is so bad, but the branch was chosen wrong.

And how do I make that input influence objects? In AndroidInput I see that some of the touch events are turned into mouse events. But what to do with dragging and scaling? How do I handle these complex gestures? Could please tell me what is the program flow in such situation?

UPDATE: there is an answer in the Android topic: