Trail rendering

Since there has been so much talk about trails in different forms i thought i would give people something to get ideas from.

I have added something called a TrailMesh to jME 2.0 which basically is an updating triangle strip. With it’s different settings it’s pretty easily used for rocket/space ship trails, sword trails, skidmarks, as a filler for particlesystems or whatever.

It either renders with a specified tangent for it’s slope/gradient or in billboard mode which makes the strip face the camera, and thus fakes being a volume (try by freezing the trail in the TestTrailMesh and spin the camera around it).

There are other settings like updateMode (step/interpolate), width, updateSpeed etc but it’s easier to just fire up TestTrailMesh and play with the runtime settings and/or look at the code…

Edit: Feel free to give me suggestions on fixes/additions or bugreports offcourse.

Nice, that looks really good! Thanks alot MrCoder.

very nice, gotta switch to jme 2 now to test this :slight_smile:

Great!  :lol:

Thanks a lot !

Yeah… 2.0 gets better and better…

Nice work Coder

there is a small typo:

-        t = Text.createDefaultTextLabel("Text", "2/3: Step/Interpolate");
+        t = Text.createDefaultTextLabel("Text", "3/4: Step/Interpolate");

btw. and are the keys Y and H side by side on your keyboard mr. coder?  :)

Fixed typos etc.