Trajectory of an object

Hi everyone

I have to animate an object to go from point A to point B. the path between A and B is set to a curve.
I propose three solutions:
-encode the trajectory control of translations by putting the maximum point for smoother movement

  • Create a curve in Blender and export in JME and follow the curve
  • Create a 3D object in Blender as a road or object “follow the object”

I do not know which way to go even though the second seems to me better, if there is no other solution I agree.
In tt case can you tell me a little I’m a beginner.


look up the jmonkey tutorial for motion paths

Thanks Daniel this is one way :).

But is it possible to an object browse a forme?
imagine a train rides on rails, can be used directly curve (who folow rails) generated in blender?

Well not without forther code.

What is for example possible, is to name on of the rails, (i use the right in this case) and name it special in blender

Then when loading a track, scan trough the graph for the right rail’s, and generate motionpoint out of them and connect them. Now you know where you want your right wheel(is it called that for a train?) can be, now get your current position, the speed of the train and move it along this path. (Recalcualting where the rest of the train should be from the information where the right wheel is.

Thank you Empire Phoenix,

but do you have a tutorial or any thing else ?

because I do not know how

Go through the tutorials on the wiki and then come back with more specific questions and people will be able to help you more…


I work on many part of my project and I progress on subjects according to priorities, hence I come back only now.

I want advance in this part.
Now i work with cubes on a path (with MotionPath and waypoints like, until now it was good for my test but now i must to be able to put cube in place precisely on a path and this place may be between two waypoint.
is it possible to do that with MotionPath and waypoints?

So Empire Phoenix you said : " Then when loading a track, scan trough the graph for the right rail’s, and generate motionpoint out of them and connect them."

What do you meen with “and generate motionpoint” ?

I precise that I don’t need Physics.

thank you for your help.

a motion point is just a point in 3d space, its a vector3f. each vector3f that you add to the motion path is a “motionpoint” (actually i think theyre called waypoints, but close 'nuff)

whatever spatial youre using with the motionpath will go to each waypoint.

if you want to set the object in a “future” position of the motionpath, you can use setTime()

so for example, lets say we were using the motionpath example code which has a path with an initial duration of 10 seconds, and you wanted the object to be at a point 25% along the way of its route, then you can do motionControl.setTime(2.5f). It’ll move that object to that point in time on the pathway, then you can do to play the path starting from that point in time.

yes it work good Daniel, it remains for me to adjust the rotation of the object based on its position in the MotionPath.

thank you :slight_smile: