Transformation bug in latest CVS code? (as of 5-20-2006)


There may be a bug in the latest CVS code.  I have some code that relies on rendering Quads (as many SharedMesh objects).  It works great for version .10.  But when I get the latest from CVS, the SharedMesh objects are rendered in the middle of the screen and are overlapping each other, and not being transformed where they should be.

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Ok, I found out what the issue was:

When I create the Quads that will be shared, at the very end of the method, I am calling lock() on the original Quad(s).

Apparently the lock() on the original is effecting the transformation of the created SharedMesh objects. (it's preventing all transformations)  I am not sure if this is a bug with the latest code, or if this is intended as designed. 

Anyway, for now I just removed the lock() calls.

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you can still do lockMeshes() to gain some speed…