Translating JME site

How about making translation of jmonkeyengine? We have members from pretty every country and it will not take so much time.

Make a pull request on github with the language translation and I’m sure it will be included.

On the one hand it’s a good idea (and there are already some folks translating the wiki to Chinese).

On the other hand it’s not a good idea because people will need English anyways:

  • to use the forum.
  • to communicate with others (e.g. the core devs).
  • to share their code (and the javadoc comments in that code).
  • to write pull requests for github.

And if you promise a homepage in other lang, you essentially promise something that you can’t keep:
The people will need English to effectively use jME (see list above).
The people will expect a wiki in the same language like the homepage (needs some effort and skill).
Some people might even expect a forum in the same language (which is difficult).

But if you can find a way around that, please do so.
Some people might participate that otherwise would be excluded because of poor English skills.
And some of those people might contribute cool stuff to jME.
So, if you translate it, I’m sure that the core devs and @erlend_sh will include your version.

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Can you link me the repo?I can’t find it.

Go to
Login with your username and password. You can now edit or create pages on the wiki.

If you use Google / Facebook / etc to login, it won’t work (because you won’t have a password). You will need to make a regular forum account then.

I think he means the homepage (not the wiki).

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Right,i mean the homepage.

Oh right, I thought you meant the SDK.

This has been suggested so much, but like oogie said everyone here speaks English mostly.

Google Translator is usually what pops up on non-native sites for me, so I would assume it would be the same for others. I know people complain about “Translator not being very good,” but it works well for me, so I would assume people could understand what’s being translated, even if it wasn’t done well.

JME is becoming ever more popular, and people really want to learn it,and share it will their fellow countrymen.

One user made another site, dedicated to Chinese, and that was an issue because he did it on his own, didn’t speak to JME staff, and made the same site name, but a .net, which is basically a not good situation for copywrite and whatnot.

I’m sure that it’s possible for certain aspects of this site to be translated, and for there to be a language option in a combobox, or something, or have separate pages… Wiki pages, tutorials, etc, but someone WILL have to put in the time, and it wont be the devs, or staff. It will have to be a user.

But again… People will have to learn English at some point, if they want to ask questions here.

+You will understand the code much better since all class names and comments are in English…