Transparency and render queue

I have a world node which has two children: one for the land; and one for the sea. I'm trying to get the sea to be transparent but have had no luck so far. My BlendState is working fine (and I can actually see the land through the sea) but I can't see my player through it when he goes in the water. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work and have tried setRenderQueueMode and anything else I could find … is there anything obvious that I'm missing? setRenderQueueMode doesn't seem to affect my game at all!

you may need to set a z buffer state on the transparent object…

Thanks, I already managed to fix this - my .material file had: ambient 0.313726 0.407843 0.54902 1 and diffuse 0.313726 0.407843 0.54902 1 so I changed the alpha value to < 1 and now it works fine.

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