I’m using transparency and i works well, but I can’t see through object in one Node to object placed under another Node.

If both of my objects (Box and TriMesh) are under same Node, I can see through both. Is that correct? How can I do that with two nodes in scene graph?

Many thanks before.


I’m pretty new at this stuff as well, but if I’m understanding you, you might want to take a look at the RenderQueue stuff. It looks exceptionally useful to me at this point. There’s a demo of it under the demo and apps link on the main JME site. The source code for the demos can be retrieved with a CVS checkout.


Thanks, I wrote it according to TestRenderQueue example. It works fine, but my problem is somewhere else.

Take look at this scene graph:


     |               |
   Node1           Node2
     |               |
  MyTriMesh     +----+----+
                |         |
              MyBox1    MyBox2

The problem is, if I want look through MyBox1 to MyTriMesh and then to MyBox2. This objects are all in one line. But if they are under different nodes, I can't see through all of them. Attached under one node, everything work fine.

Have you set the render queue mode for each Box/TriMesh, or perhaps you just have it set on one of the nodes?