Transparent and Scene Blend problem


my name is Fabio.

I have a problem when i import the file .scene in jmonkey.

I use blender 2.57 with blender2ogre export and if i don’t use the transparency with the scene blend “one zero” the project freeze immediately, instead i apply the transparency and change de scene blend with “alpha_blend” it works fine.


Thank’s in advance.

Are you using jME3 alpha4 version or SVN version?

i’m using jme3 alpha4.

At the moment, i have modified the “”.

I have changed the default variable scene blend “one zero” with “alpha_blend”. With this change i don’t need to change the value for each mesh.

But, why with “one zero” doesn’t working well?

jME3 SVN version has this issue fixed.

Press F1 → jMonkeyEngine SDK → Updating jMP