Transparent models? Glass?

So, I did a model of a wine glass in blender and wanted to import it into JMonkey to see it =).
I realised that it couldn’t be viewed - or the transparent material couldn’t be viewed.
I realise I can use certain filters to create these effects. Do I need to apply these to all objects I want to be transparent? In a scene, like a house with glasses and other details wouldn’t this become quite heavy?

I guess I could just grey out the glass instead of making it transparent and it’d probably be far better I do that.

I’d quite like to have windows and such and I suppose one method would be to create a texture/material of what would be viewed outside and put this on the window and put this on it, and this would probably be the best way? But i’m not sure how to exactly obtain that - going into JMonkey, viewing the window(without glass) and taking a screenshot and using that with some option to make it look like a ‘window’?

I think i’m just trying to find quick ways of setting up the scene and this probably isn’t idea. But I thought i’d ask of how others do this incase i’m doing this completely the wrong way.

There are effects I would like to create though, for example, light beams through the curtains? Or for example the light refracting like when it goes through crystals? Would anyone be able to point me the direction of how to do this or possibly where/what i’d have to learn? I’m happy going away and learning some more advanced graphics stuff since i really want to increase my knowledge in this area instead of just using what’s already available - because then I can contrbute more and have a better understanding of how JMonkey and other things work.

Sorry, hope some of that makes sense lol…


You should spend some time with the tutorials =)

For the light coming through windows part, a lot of games use static quads with a partly transparent texture on it. You could have some “beams” on the texture that are gaussian blurred with a transparent background. Or you can have individual light bean textures (same as before) but have them as billboards.

<cite>@kwando said:</cite> You should spend some time with the tutorials =)

Hey there, thanks for the reply
I’ve gone through a lot of the tutorials although this was 8 months ago…and then I built my first jmonkey 3d game =).

The problem I may currently be having is i’ve had a 2 month break from Jmonkey so could be asking questions to things I previously knew and have now forgotten(my memory isn’t fantastic).

I had a look back through for a few hours yesterday and couldn’t find anything although literally now have just seen the transparent material information. Can’t believe I missed that haha…

My question now is, is there a way to simply import all this information or will I be required to reset up materials for these transparent objects individually each time?

I know there are light scatering filters, but it’s not quite the result i’m after so I think this is something i’ll have to custom do and look into…time to start learning opengl I guess =).