Transparent PNG texture getting white border at angles

I have a transparent PNG that I am using as a texture for a quad.

It looks correct when pointing directly at the camera (facing the camera) but begins to get a weird white glow once it is turned at an angle.

Ideally, it would always just show the black parts. The original PNG only has black and full transparent pixels.

I am not sure why this is occuring. I thought maybe the texture sampler might be doing some weird blending, but I can’t seem to get a different result.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is the code I am using for the quad


Quad quadMesh = new Quad(quadSize, quadSize);

Geometry quad = new Geometry(“Quad”, quadMesh);


Material mat = new Material(Scene.getSceneAssetManager(), “Common/MatDefs/Misc/SimpleTextured.j3md”);

mat.setTexture(“ColorMap”, Scene.getSceneAssetManager().loadTexture(“protractor.png”));






I can see the white border even on the first image… Or am I wrong?

Ah sorry, that is a bad screen shot. Here is the actual PNG

Ah, I fixed it by changing the filters on the texture to:





Now it samples as I expected :slight_smile:

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