Transylvanian Heavy Beat Horror Music

Up until now I have been posting in the “Free Anouncements” section, and all previous posts have been moved here. So hopefully it’s ok to post the new topic here too. Many thanks.

Soughtafter Sounds provides professional music & sound design to independent game developers, as well as film makers, advertising teams and organisations looking to include an originally composed audio architecture within their development.

We provide originally composed pieces for commercial & non-commercial use.

You are free to use commercially licensed tracks for Adverts, Videos, Films, Video Games, Websites & Apps.

Commercial & Non-Commercial have individual licenses. See licenses here.

Our Aim

In addition to executing custom music specifically tailored to our customers needs, we also recognise that there is a shortfall in free music of professional quality readily available.

As a result we aim to provide our users with a selection of high quality scores for their commercial development under our “Free commercial license”

The newest addition to our Free Commercial tracks is “Hall Of Hell”

Please enjoy!

Professional Audio Architecture

very nice, i will definitely have to steal some of these tracks! keep up the excellent work

Thanks Wezrule, your most welcome. Notification & credit is all that is required for all of these tracks.

Kind Regards

The sound is very “spikey”, it could use some more compression on some tracks, especially the voice ones.

i dunno, it sounds fine on my non-german $5 speakers ^_^, i only go for the best quality <3

Looks really good, and I see that you are open to talk to developers if they need exclusive songs. That’s really good, good luck! I’m not like @phr00t that has games (many!) already published, but in maybe 2-3 years I’ll follow his example!