Trees On Texture - Is it possible?

Hi all i was wondering if it was possible to set a texture on a heightmap

and then use a script to grow Destroyable Trees Over that texture?

And Will it lag the whole server if i need to place over 100 000 destroyable trees

I m trying to make a kind of giant forest and to be able to cut then down

end after a while to grow them back over that single texture!

I was thinking of making the tree loop after a long time so it doesnt use too much memory to grow them back like the loop update every 5-10 minute 1 grid at a time ?

you dont use heightmap for trees.

  1. load the tree model, and put it at the possitions you want ( use xml to specify the tree positions).
  2. if you place 1000 trees it will lag very much. Use particles if you want that much trees (but trees will be images).
  3. total time to updateGrowTrees() every frame = total time to updateGrowTrees() every 10 min. Why ? because 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% of the time is spend on graphics, not on data manipulation.

When i said heightmap it was my land

What i want to do is a scrip that find where to grow trees.

Like if there is dirt texture it wont grow a tree on it and if there is Falen leaf or grass trees will have a % chance to start growing over there!

So do you think it possible?

And about the 1000 trees ur right i wont show them i will just create them into a table and show them up arround the player !