Trial Area

Speaking to Mojo in the Mirc i am back here.

I tried to invent some idea of a better step in management for the total beginners like me.

I also think i am not the only one trying to get into this.

So what should this be this trial area.

As i know that it is hard work for developers also writing complete tutorials on all those work they did i also think this is not their real exercise.

As i am a beginner i try to find some code to look at, getting some descriptions telling me whats going on in here.

kevglass's Space Invader i would say is some milestone in such documentation but it's lwjgl, which i tried before coming here and let me be nice saying:

As i knew nothing before even this couldnt help me

Those NeHe Lessons on their forum are nice, but i think you have to check out much more things to come along with this.

Than i tried jME starting with that Starter.pdf which i found on the homepage.

Really a very good guide !

It shows different difficult things easily be made step by step.

I was very surprized when getting this cvs thing finished to find out that there are much more Samples than only in Starter.pdf, but the difference in here is that it's not documented anylonger.

It's only the source which is really a great help, but it differs to the tuts to come along with.

I am used to learn by making me notices of what i have learned.

I think everyone does, because everyone wants to have the ability to understand this things later, so it's good to have it in your own work.

I am also used that Beginners try to explain things as easy they can, while professionals use their technichal terms they are used to use though it's easy. Sometimes the Beginner gets that complicated that u can't read it any longer, because he can't gets the point, but on the other hand, the professionals use more technical things to explain, so no Beginner can understand this any longer.

My example here is the User Code, which is great work at all, but most things spoken are kept a general way to explain, so everyone can understand this if he knows what it's about.

People like me most only can test what it does.

My new idea now is to combine theese two things.

We have this wiki for jme forum, which i try to use last days writing down my works on my actual small Game.

This Wiki is community driven, that means it can only as good as the community wants it to be.

I was thinking of making some kind of competition for the new ones.

Goal is writing some Articles on the Wiki about special Themes.

This can be boundled with some special area on the Forum.

Most people first look into the Forum, because here are the newest news.

In this Area there could be sticky threads about all Articles or the new Ones, added by some grade given by some Developer.

Because there cant be given any money you can make some kind of highscore by giving the owner points for their grades.

maybe theres someone out there who really shows effort and can be honoured later.

This highscore thing is only some idea, thats the unimportant thing of all.

It's not only the new to write articles, but all people who want to.

One thing also could be to explain some of the other sample classes a little bit more exactly.

I only called it competition, because to be good in some competition is an effort of its thing and here the effort is honoured basically with knowledge i think.

I even found out, that looking on your own wiki can also give you new ideas you could try.

I even did not wanted to wipe out some failure i knew before it was there, but explaining later, after i corrected it what the problem had been.

At least the wiki and also the user code area could use some kind of nopaste additionally

nopaste is some pasting system which is free to use

u can set up your own and change its looking and actions.

some nopaste i often use is one official nopaste

this is an easy way to load up source code, which can be explained easyly in the area where its link is posted.

you even can explain special lines without searching for it and it is very fast.

So ending this:

I want to make some advertisment to take part in some various kind of project.

making up one own area where articles can be advertised and graded

I want beginners to write those articles and technicals to show if its correct, or may show up some better ways.

Thats also a thing u better can do in the forums.

Maybe using nopaste can also help for user interaction.

The special idea is the most important:

Write down what you already know.

Maybe someone other actually writes down something you actually need to know.

At least i would like those beginners to speak up once to find out if that idea isn't that bad.

It is community driven chance to take part on something even without having the most basic knowledges and all who will come later will be grateful

This is a great idea to provide community support for documentation… but will require community participation.

Once I've had an opportunity to spend more time with jME and feel like I've got a better grasp on the whole of it I had intended to offer some assistance writing some good beginner documentation as this is a point I struggled with as well when I was first starting out.  There are several points that just take some time to grasp even for programmers if they're new to the concept of 3D.  I'm still trying to grasp the whole idea of Quaternions, but that's another story entirely. :o

I think there's definitely a need to get some better docs, but at the same time I must acknowledge that the documentation, sample code, and community support is far better than nearly any other open-source project I have any participation in, so to that end I must give a lot of credit to this project and it's monkey king. :o


I really appreciate your idea and I just posted a reply to the tutorials before I read your posting. I'm at the start of a game namely a MMORPG client using the l2j server ( and running into lots of beginners problems.

On the other hand I think I found some solutions which might be of interest for others and feedback is welcome.

As I stated in the above mentioned reply I feel unsure about several functions of jME so I don't think I'll be able to add documentation in the near future but if someone wants to have a look please check the CVS at

It is OpenSource so don't hesitate to grab code and ideas.