Tricky Mesh MotionPath between GuiNode and RootNode


Just a simple question that can be answer by “NO it’s impossible…” (I think so ;))

But if the reponse is “YES you can but it’s tricky”, can you explain me.

Here are the facts : A have a TerrainQuad rendered in the GuiNode (top right of the screenshot) and I want to smoothly move it into the RootNode (center of the screenshot).

Is it possible ?

Don’t spare your explanations :wink:


Is it part of nifty or just your own geometry under the gui node?

If it’s your own geometry then sure this is reasonably straight forward. At some point in your dragging, detach it from the gui node and add it to the root node after determining where it should be in world space. Camera has some methods for going from screen to world space that can be used to get a vector and then project that out however far you need.

The tile is my own geometry that I put in the Gui Node. Nifty is just here to make (future) nice background…

This is the solution I think, detach the tile from gui node, attach it to root node (according to the corresponding position) and launch the animation…

But in my current game settings, The gui node (with nifty inside) hide all my geometries, so when I attach the tile to the root node, it will disappear some seconds…

Don’t do the swap until it would be visible.