TriMesh with wrong orientation

Hi, I have to make a bowling for a collegue subject. Im required to use X3D format so I’ve created the pins in blender, exported to X3D and then imported to jme using X3dToJme.

The problem is that I have weird effects when moving the camera in DebugGameState, if i look the pin from a straigth position everything looks ok, but if i go up with the “q” key and look down with the mouse, the pin rotates as if i where looking it from below. The same thing happens the other way around, if I press “z” and look up with the mouse it seems as if im looking it from above.

Ive taken some pictures to show you my problem:

Looking straigth

Looking from above

Looking from below

Sounds like your normals are inverted. There is a "flip normals" command in blender, I just can't recall how to invoke it atm.

For more details on this topic check the "blender to jme" articles on the wiki.

  1. In blender, in "Edit Mode" select all the verticies by pressing 'A'; then ctrl+'N' (recalculates normals).
  2. Export, open in jME
  3. if that doesn't work go back into blender, (in Edit Mode still) and press 'W' then select flip normals

    (I had that problem too, the first few models I ever exported…)

Thanks, that solved the problem :slight_smile:

no problemo :slight_smile: