Trouble importing an Ogre XML that was saved from Max 2016 using OgreMax 2.6.4

I recently upgraded to Max 2016 and I am attempting to import some new models into JME from Max.

I chose to import a model and I received a message that the file is over 34MB and may have issues opening. I chose to continue as the file was 34.8MB. JME stopped responding and I ended up having to force quit. I restarted JME and attempted to convert a smaller model and I never get the message that the model is converting or converted like I have in the past. I actually do not get any feedback.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled JME and I am still getting the same issues.

I am able to convert the old ogreXML files that I have had previously, just not able to convert anything coming from Max 2016 & OgreMax 2.6.4.

Here is a sample that has been exported from Max 2016.
Sample Model

Thank you for any help you can provide.

you could try to look at the log, if there are some final expections when it is dieing.

That’s part of the issue when I attempt to convert it there is nothing in the log. Its like it never starts. Can you try converting the sample model I posted?

Just a bump here. Could anyone attempt to convert that sample model to a j3o file to see if it is just my machine?
Sample Model