Trouble importing models from .obj files

I have downloaded about ten free models in .obj format from web, but I can’t manage to load them properly in jME. I managed to open them normally in 3d object converter, but when I try to load them in jME only one of them is loaded at all (but not the way it should be), while the others are not loaded at all and I get is “Error opening *.obj” error. I tried to convert the file to .mesh.xml file, but the models are still not loaded properly.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Check the pop-up stack trace and post it here.

EDIT: And make sure the materials have the same name of the respective models, and they are in the same asset folder.

see if you can open it in blender. And re export it with different settings, or try and change it to make it compatible with jme

I would open it in Blender and Export as .obj after checking NORMALS. If it looked right in Blender this should make it work in Jme w/o any issues.

Yeah, an obj model doesn’t necessarily have to be game/opengl compatible

Thanx for all your suggestions, but I managed to load the models after converting them to .mesh.xml format. All it took was for me to include the material (texture) in the converter I told you about before saving the model in .mesh.xml format… I thought he recognized the material automatically, but it seems he didn’t…

Once again, thank you for all of your suggestions… :slight_smile: