Trouble with importing models


When I try to import models into my project with the Import Model button, a few unexpected things are happening.

First of all, I can only import models that are already in my assets folder. If I choose a model outside of my assets folder, I get an error saying that the model is incompatible.

Second of all, once my model is imported, I get an error that the file could not be found after being copied. The path for the file is always doubled i.e. a sandbox model imported to Models/Sandbox returns the following error:

Could not find file Models/Sandbox/Sandbox/sandbox.blend after copying to project folder!

Third is that no .jmo is actually being generated. I can only find the sandbox.blend file in the assets folder, which is doubly confusing because I did not select for original files to be copied.

Am I just using this tool incorrectly? Any guidance is appreciated!