Trying to install it in Eclipse

Hello people,

This is my first post.

Following this tuttorial:

It happened to occur to me, that i didn't managed to obtain a result of it. I mean, it doesn't compiles.

I can asure you, i followed all the steps. I have Java 1.6

What could go wrong?

Please, help, i really want to test this tool. I really posponed TOO MUCH my vocation as a Game developer.

Best regards!!!

What are the errors you are getting?

The specific error its: "axis cannot be resolved"

And others like "sound can't be resolved"

It basically doesn't compiles a certain degree of classes. And it doesn't appears in the resources view.(the entire project)

It took me 3 or 4 tries before getting my first jME project going (and I had quite a bit of experience with both the IDE and java itself)  I would recommend trying the tutorial again and being super careful about each step.

Also, there are some classes that are not built until the project actually ran.  Try running the project and seeing what happens.

I did not find a similar guide for JME 2.0. I can check out the code as stated in

But there are a few issues:

  1. I find that the "src" folder is being treated as part of the package. So



    Any hints on how to fix that?

  2. Under "lib" I find several sub-directories. Also some of the JARs pointed in JME1.0 installation are not present. Any issues with that?